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What is ComicSandbox?  A community built for comics and comedy writers; a place to show your stuff, to get feedback, to connect with others, to collaborate, to learn and get some encouragement.

What’s in it for you?

Get Seen, Get Discovered

How? Post videos of your performances, sketches you’ve written, improv troupe shows, comedy shorts, whatever you are working on right now. Let people see what you are doing.

Get Feedback

How? We’re building a community of comics and writers.They can see your material and offer comments. Tips on what’s working and what’s not as well as the usual rants (you know how comics are).

Know You’re Not Alone: Connect with Others

How? In the Comedy Board forums you can share ideas and questions on everything from how to get gigs to how to survive open mic nights to how to combine working a day job and performing at night.

Find Openings and Promote Your Shows

How? We’ll have calendars where you can find opportunities as well as post your own gigs for others to come see.

And that’s just for starters. We’ll see what works, find out what else you want and keep building.For example, we’re going to add a section for College Improv Troupes and sponsor our own March Madness to find the best college Improv Troupes in the land.

Oh, and it’s all free to you. So no cost, easy to do and it will make a difference for you. Sound like a good deal?

We’re going back to work now so we can get the site ready for you. We can stay in touch and let you know first about developments and inside stuff if you give us your email (it’s only for us, we don’t even take your name). We’d love to hear your comments. Please take our survey (it will only take a moment and help us a lot) or shoot us an email at admin@comicsandbox.com.

Give Us Your Email and We’ll Keep You You Posted about ComicSandbox.com.

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